Conan’s Mission

google-image-result-for-http___stlouis-missouri-org_hollyhills_park2008_images_boathouseThough the 13th Ward of St. Louis is one of the better parts of St. Louis in respect to crime and upkeep, there are still many changes that can be made to improve life.

One of my main focuses will be in restoring the community–both buildings and people. I plan to repurpose old buildings and decrepit properties and improve the overall look and feel of the Holly Hills/Bevo Mill area.

I also want the community to be involved, to really feel the “unity” in community. We have such a diverse and beautiful mix of people in Ward 13. I plan to create events to bring all the wonderful cultures together.

My other main focus is increasing citizen input. I’m choosing to run in this election for my fellow citizens–average Joes just like me. I want everyone to know everything that is happening. I’ll provide direct access to me for every issue, concern or question and even give my personal phone number if the situation calls for it.

Along with being able to reach me, I want my budgets to be 100% transparent. The funds given for each ward should be spent as each ward needs it. It is your tax money, and in my eyes it’s only appropriate for you to know how it is spent. If you have a question about anything I want to hear it personally.

I’m not in this for the money. I’m not in this for the power. I’m in this for you, to provide you with a better and more unified place to live.

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